dimanche 17 mars 2013

Edinburgh January 2013

And I finished my trip in Edinburgh. It did rain quite a lot, but I had time to got ot the zoo with my brother and sister who came up specially, and to stay with old friends Caroline and Rob, and we did the Burn's supper thing with his "Ode to the haggis".

Aberdeen and Glasgow January 2013

Captains Scott's ship

Also in Dundee there is Captain Scott's original ship, the Discovery, which he took for the forst big antarctic exploration (not the one  he died on). It was very moving to be in his cabin, or Shackleton's, and to help them dig.


Dundee was very educational. The Jute museum gave a glimpse of its history, and Dundee is home to the famous comic characters of The Beano and the Dandy. Minnie the Minx, Plug and the Bash street kids, and of course Desperate Dan.

Scotland january 2013

Visit to Scotland for work purposes - setting up student exchanges, but did allow for some tourism.